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Prince William felt ‘guilty’ after Kate and Meghan wedding ‘affairs’


Prince William refused to accompany his younger brother, Prince Harry, a day before his wedding.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex notes how he begged his older brother to join him on the eve of his big day.

Harry writes: “He held on. I can’t do it. I pushed. Why are you like this, Willy? I was with you all night before you married Kate. Why are you doing this? wondered what was really going on. Did he feel bad for not being my witness? Was he upset that I asked my old buddy Charlie? (The Palace published the story that Willy was the witness, like they did with me when he and Kate married.)”

The Duke of Sussex continues: “Or did he feel guilty about the affair between Kate and Meg? He gave no indication. He kept saying no. All the while asking me why it mattered so much.”

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