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Prince William feels ‘very betrayed’ by Prince Harry


Prince Harry and Prince William’s rift seems irreparable as the two brothers can’t melt the ice.

The Prince of Wales feels “very betrayed” by his younger brother and still finds it very difficult to talk about the duke who he would be very close to.

Harry’s telltale memoir Spare also added fuel to the already tense situation, as the book contains several explosive claims about William.

According to royal correspondent Charles Rae, speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, William is in a difficult position as the brothers were “so close”.

Rae added: “I think it has been and still is very difficult for William in particular to speak out, not just about the particular charges against the Prince of Wales, but about the very fact that William and Harry were so close. .

“I also believe that William feels very betrayed by his younger brother, who may well have the same feelings of betrayal by his older brother.”

Rae also felt: “Princess Diana would be appalled at the way things turned out. However, I highly doubt she would have allowed this level of bitterness if she were alive, especially between her sons. She always tried to ensure that the two boys were treated fairly, she would never allow other family members to show favoritism towards William, as heir to the detriment of the reserve.

The expert continued: “Harry, from an early age, always knew he would never be king, but Diana had hoped that Harry would be in a unique position to support his brother when he was king. But unfortunately , Harry, who should have been William’s king winger, became his hitman.”

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