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Prince William and Kate Middleton remain Canada’s most favored royals


Prince William and his wife Catherine still remain the most favored royals in Canada, according to Polling Canada.

Here is the list of members of the royal family and the popularity they enjoy in Canada:

The Net Benefits of Royal:

Katherine: +29%

William: +24%

Harry: +8%

Megane: -1%

Charlie: -19%

Camille: -33%

Research Co. / March 5, 2023 / n=1000 / Online.

William and Kate became the Prince and Princess of Wales after Charles became King.

The coronation of King Charles is due to take place on May 6 this year.

Kate and William’s popularity apparently remained unaffected despite Harry and Meghan encouraging them to leave the UK.

Prince Harry made serious allegations against the royal family in his recently published book, ‘Spare’.

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