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Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘really aware’ after controversial Caribbean tour


Prince William and Kate Middleton are learning from their past mistakes and they are cautious about their next move after their trip to the Caribbean last year.

Good morning! Magazines Royal editor Emily Nash recently spoke about the roles William and Kate will play in the future of the monarchy, via Express.co.uk.

Appearing in last week’s episode of the publication A good royal podcastshe said the Prince and Princess of Wales were “very carefully managed to make sure they never take the wrong foot”.

“The world will be very different when William is king since his grandmother took the throne. And he definitely has an eye on that and he’s very modern in his outlook,” she commented.

“I think he’s reacting to the way the world is now and going to be. And likewise, Kate looks to the future. I think they’re really aware of the privilege of their positions and the responsibility of their roles. and they want to do the right thing.

Nash added: “Anything they do between now and then will be handled very carefully to make sure they’re never wrong.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have faced backlash for their Caribbean tour, which cost British audiences an estimated $274,000.

The couple embarked on a tour of Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas – three Commonwealth realms – which was seen as an attempt to drum up support for the monarchy and persuade other countries not to follow Barbados in choosing to become a republic.

They have also been criticized for public relations issues, including a photo of them waving at children through a wire mesh fence in Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica.

Additionally, they mocked photographs of themselves being driven upright in the back of a Land Rover, in a self-conscious recreation of a colonial-era visit to Jamaica by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip .

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