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Prince Joachim of Denmark moves to Washington

Prince Joachim of Denmark moves to Washington

Copenhagen: The youngest son of Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II, Prince Joachim, will move to the United States and serve as defense industry attaché at the Danish embassy, ​​the government announced on Friday.

“Prince Joachim will take up his duties as Defense Industry Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Washington on September 1,” the Defense Ministry said.

Joachim, 53, is currently Defense Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Paris.

The parliament of Denmark will now have to give its blessing so that the prince, who is not an employee of the embassy, ​​receives his royal appanage or his alimony abroad.

Enjoying widespread popular support in Denmark, the royal family has made headlines, with Prince Joachim publicly expressing his frustration at his mother’s decision to strip her four children of their royal titles.

The sovereign apologized, but did not change the decision.

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