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Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ promotions branded ‘ridiculous, silly’

Prince Harry’s promotional interviews ahead of the release of his Spare book have been called ‘ridiculous’

Prince Harry’s promotional interviews before the release of his book Spare were called “ridiculous” and even “idiots” by a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex made the comments during a chat with ITV’s Tom Bradby ahead of the publication of his memoir Spare, and said: “I want a family, not an institution… They have shown no will to reconcile.”

He also said, “I would like my father back. I would like to get my brother back.

write for AU Newsroyal expert Daniela Elser slammed Prince Harry for the comments, saying: “Prince Harry has revealed that he wants to reconcile with his father and brother. But his plan to achieve this doesn’t make sense.

“Harry wants his dad and brother ‘back’. How exactly does he see that happening? The ‘logic’ in all of this requires such mental contortions that I think I need to lie down.”

“The really troubling thing about all of this? The week hasn’t even really started, with hours of interviews to watch (or endure) and hundreds of pages of Spare to still wade through. What will Harry’s relationship with his family on the other side be like? Elser added.

She continued to lash out at Prince Harry further, writing: ‘It’s hard to find the right words here to really quantify how staggering, ridiculous, downright silly the Duke’s logic is here.’

“Harry wants his family ‘back’ and the way he’s going about it is to pillory them again in front of a global TV audience?” Elser also questioned.

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