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‘Prince Harry’s soap opera in full swing’ in Spare: ‘Know consumer culture’


Experts believe Prince Harry has ‘fully delivered’ the saga of the soap opera on which society has survived ‘everything’.

Writer Pauline Maclaran made the confession in a play for the Herald of New Zealand.

There she wrote: “As one of the world’s most famous brands, the British Royal Family has a strong and personalized narrative of patronage, pageantry and people.”

“The Monarchy has long demonstrated its value in contemporary consumer culture and kept its shoppers engaged.”

“But what sets Royal Family apart from other corporate brands are its individual, often uncontrollable, human elements.”

“The stories they (or the media) create can produce what Prince Charles once called a ‘soap opera’.”

So “With history repeating itself – at least as far as royal public drama is concerned – the soap opera effect is in full swing again,” she added before concluding.

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