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Prince Harry’s ‘repetitive firing’ is ‘exhausting’ King Charles, William


Prince Harry’s ‘repeated’ attacks on the Royal Family have left King Charles and Prince William feeling ’emptied’ and exhausted, sources close to tell us.

The Duke of Sussex sat down for two explosive interviews, with ITV’s Anderson Cooper and Tom Bradby, ahead of the release of his memoir Spare on January 10, and claimed he wanted his father, Charles, and brother , William come back.

Prince Harry also claimed that “they”, however, remain “reluctant to reconcile”.

Shortly after snippets of his interviews began making the rounds, a source said Mirror United Kingdom: “Everything seems very repetitive.”

“Harry’s constant snipers are pretty exhausting and he knows full well they’re highly unlikely to engage in a tit-for-tat battle of words,” the insider added.

It comes after The sun quoted a source as saying King Charles is ready to reconcile with his son and “the door is still open” for Prince Harry.

In his interview with Brady, Prince Harry said in particular: “It should never have been like this. I want a family, not an institution… They have shown no desire to reconcile. I would like to recover my Father I would like my brother to come back.

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