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Prince Harry’s popularity plummets over a decade even after all his stunts


Meghan Markle’s Prince Harry popularity has plummeted dramatically in just over a decade, according to new polls.

All of the Duke of Sussex’s attempts and stunts to cast the royal family as a villain also seem to face Waterloo, as King Charles and Prince William fail to meet any of the couple’s demands and follow the strategy of no interrupting. enemies who make mistakes.

This decline in the prince’s popularity was recorded after Lilibet and Archie’s parents released a six-part documentary for Netflix focusing on their relationship and their struggles in December.

The new popularity report comes just hours before the official publication of Duke Spare’s first-ever memoir, which is expected to include searing claims and criticism of cabinet members.

For the first time since YouGov began tracking the Duke of Sussex, Harry’s net favor among Labor voters in 2019 fell into negative territory at -7, the organization said.

Among young adults, Harry’s net preference is now 0, with equal proportions of this age group having a positive or negative opinion of him, at 41%.

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