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Prince Harry’s ‘heartbreaking’ ITV interview slammed as ‘pathetic’


Prince Harry is making headlines again after a twenty-second trailer for his explosive interview with ITV was released on January 2, with reactions from royal fans ranging from “heartbreaking” to “pathetic”.

The next interview with the Duke of Sussex, Harry: the interviewstarring ITV’s Tom Bradby is set to be released in full two days before his memoir is released on January 10 Sparewith the abandoned Duke saying in the trailer that he wants his father and brother, King Charles and Prince William, back.

He also told Bradby that “it was never necessary” and implied that “they” (Charles and William) had shown no interest in reconciling with him.

Shortly after the trailer was released, royal fans flooded Twitter with their reactions, with some noting how “heartbreaking” the situation between Harry and his family is for others sharing how ” pathetic”.

One user tweeted: “He seems so lost. His family is all he ever knew and they turned their backs on him because he got lost along the way. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

Meanwhile, another wrote sarcastically: “Generally speaking I find that bashing your family multiple times in front of a global audience tends to hinder any chance of reconciliation. It could just be me.”

Another said: “Harry looks so sad all the time. I feel really bad for him but I can totally understand why his family is so angry with him. I’m not sure there is will one day have room for reconciliation.

And another tweeted: “No attempt at reconciliation? How can they do this when they know the book and the documentary series are coming out and you’ve been recording video notes since 2020…”

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