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Prince Harry’s He Represents ‘Modern Masculinity’ That Threatens Enemies


Prince Harry’s memoir is said to be a simple ‘modern’ take on masculinity that makes his critics and enemies ‘feel threatened’.

Writer Louis Staples made this claim in a brand new piece for CN.

It supports Prince Harry’s decision to release Spare and reads: “Spare is the story of a man of immense privilege who at least tries to do better – even if that means going against the institutions and societal conventions that have previously benefited him.”

Yes, this book is contradictory, disconnected at times, and contains many details about toes that I would have been much happier not knowing. (For someone like Harry who often rails against tabloid editors, there were plenty of details included here that seem tailor-made to make them salivate).

“And yes, a break from hearing about the Sussexes would be welcome. But I can’t help but think that, to his most vocal detractors, he’s bigger than Prince Harry.”

“His most vocal critics feel threatened and betrayed by the version of modern masculinity he represents – one that, like the Prince himself, tries to free itself from its past.”

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