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Prince Harry’s gesture reveals how he feels about William’s wife, Kate Middleton


Prince Harry has opened up about several of his royal relatives, from his father King Charles to his brother Prince William in his tell-all conversation in a new interview.

However, a body language expert noticed Harry’s telltale gesture hinting at how he really feels about the Princess of Wales in his ITV chat.

According to Judi, Harry’s gesture did not support his words during the interview, suggesting the Duke still resents the good and friendly nature of the Princess of Wales.

The Duke spoke to ITV’s Tom Bradby for the first of four primetime interviews for his controversial memoir Spare, which aired ahead of the book’s launch on Tuesday.

In the interview promoting the headline-grabbing autobiography, Bradby said the impression was that his brother William and sister-in-law Kate didn’t get along ‘almost from the start’ with his wife. Meghan, to which Harry replied, “Yeah, fair.”

Speaking of his wife, Harry suggested there were a lot of ‘stereotypes’ that even he was ‘guilty’ of at the start of his relationship.

And according to body language expert Judi James, Harry’s gestures were often contradictory, but his features “softened up” when talking about Kate.

Judi told the Mirror: ‘There was an air of tragedy in Harry’s body language during this long and deeply revealing interview. He ended with verbal assurances that he was ‘the happiest I have ever been “and that he had ‘made peace with a lot of what happened.’ no ‘lingering’ thoughts.”

The expert went on to say that Harry used conflicting body language signals which still made a lot of his emotions look rather raw. His gestures and sound bites and the way he strayed from some more difficult topics or used non-specific demands suggested anger, resentment and righteousness. But there were also times when he let out more spontaneous cues of love and even humor and fun.”

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