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Prince Harry’s eyes ‘watered’ as psychic told Princess Diana she was ‘very proud’ of him


Prince Harry opens up about an amazing conversation he had with a psychic in 2020.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex recalls feeling an energy around the lady, the moment he met her.

He writes: “She felt an energy around me too,” she says. Your mother is with you. I know. I’ve felt that lately. She said: No. She is with you. Right away. I felt my neck warm up. My eyes watered. Your mom knows you’re looking for clarity. Your mother senses your confusion. She knows you have so many questions. I do. The answers will come with time. One day in the future. To be patient.”

Harry then asked, “Patience?” The word caught in my throat. In the meantime, said the woman, my mother was very proud of me. And totally supportive. She knew it wasn’t easy. What was not? Your mother says: You’re living the life she couldn’t. You live the life she wanted for you.

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