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“Prince Harry’s divided loyalties will come back to haunt his marriage”


Columnist Judy Finnigan has explained why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would want to attend King Charles’ coronation.

Writing for express.co.uk, the columnist said: “Obviously they will want to come – Meghan in particular. The connection to our Royal Family is the only thing that keeps the fuel in their tank.”

The column came amid reports that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to receive an invitation to the coronation.

And it’s still unclear whether Meghan will accompany her husband for the event as the coronation takes place on the same date as Archie’s fourth birthday.

Judy Finnigan added, “They don’t have another source of energy to fuel their jaw-dropping lifestyle down on the California coast.”

Writing about the Duke of Sussex, she said: “I feel he always has a foot on both sides – father and brother on one side, and his wife on the other. This, by the way, I believe it’s a fundamental split in loyalties that will one day come back to haunt Harry’s marriage.”

She added: “Harry knows May 6 will be ‘pretty much the most important day’ in his father’s life, and he really wants to be by Charles’ side – but he and Meghan have said so many dreadful things about the Windsors over the last few years that the rift between them could hardly be deeper.”

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