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Prince Harry’s ‘delusional’ comments alerted ‘British haters’: Piers Morgan


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle love to speak ill of the royal family, says Piers Morgan.

Writing for The Sun, the former GMB hosts call the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘delusional’ for their actions.

He begins: “We have seen the same nonsense with him attacking the British press for allegedly falsely saying that he and his wife Meghan had accused the Royals of being racist about their unborn son – while the couple had gone on Oprah and done just that.

“Harry has proven himself to be as delusional as he is dishonest.

“But it’s one thing to complain about his family and burn down the institution of the monarchy he loves to exploit for billions of dollars.

“It is quite another, much more serious thing to say things which are now cynically seized upon by Britain’s enemies to justify their own nefarious conduct,” he notes.

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