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Prince Harry’s claims on royal reconciliation slammed by insider


Prince Harry’s latest comments on reconciling with the Royal Family have drawn ire from some royal sources.

In an excerpt from his upcoming interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby ahead of the release of his book SparePrince Harry said: “I want a family, not an institution… They have shown no willingness to reconcile.”

A source close to the Royals reacted to the statement shortly after and called it ‘pure and simple nonsense’ in a conversation with Mirror United Kingdom.

Another insider also hit out at the Duke of Sussex’s claims, saying they were “exhausting” for the Royal Family, and in particular for King Charles and Prince William.

The insider said: “It all feels very repetitive. Harry’s incessant firing is rather exhausting and he knows very well that they are highly unlikely to engage in a tit-for-tat battle of words. .

It comes after The sun quoted a source as saying King Charles is ready to reconcile with his son and “the door is still open” for Prince Harry.

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