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Prince Harry’s book countered by royal ‘game plan’ to ‘show no guilt’


Prince Harry’s explosive memoir has left the royal family distraught.

The Duke of Sussex has apparently lost his battle against those close to him because the King has a better ‘game plan’.

Public relations expert Edward Coram-James told Express.co.uk: “What should the Royal Family do in response to these claims? In a nutshell: nothing. They pulled a blinker.

“The biggest mistake they could make would be to respond to any of the allegations. They’re just not serious enough allegations to warrant breaking their longstanding code of silence.

“Breaking that silence will involve guilt. Staying silent lends an air of maturity and staying above the fray.

“The Royals had a game plan and unlike the Sussexes, whose game plan seemed ill-conceived and often deviated, the Royals toed the line throughout.”

a “minor bruise” and “never came close to being the target of knockouts”.

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