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Prince Harry would have been ‘murdered’ if royals were more powerful: Margaret Atwood

Prince Harry would have been ‘murdered’ if royals were more powerful: Margaret Atwood

Prince Harry would not have survived after making explosive allegations against his own family had he been born into a powerful royal family, Margaret Atwood has claimed.

The Canadian author sent the internet into a frenzy after making controversial comments about the Duke of Sussex that he was ‘lucky’ to be born into a less powerful family.

An article published in The temperature read: “Game of Thrones fan Attwood thinks self-proclaimed ‘stand-in’ Prince Harry is lucky to be born into a royal family that has been stripped of its real power.”

“Otherwise ‘he probably would have been murdered by someone lower in the food chain to get him out of the way,'” the article added.

The bizarre remarks about King Charles’ youngest son sparked backlash online as many social media users were upset to read such ‘ridiculous’ comments.

“Words fail me. What an utterly ridiculous comment to make,” wrote one user on Twitter. literature are actually very wicked people.”

“Lucky you weren’t born in the 1700s, huh!” You would probably have been enslaved or beaten to death for speaking out! another user writes.

It comes after Charles kicked Harry out of his Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage, before the coronation because he allegedly wanted to punish him.

Sources close to Charles claimed he was furious with Harry’s attacks on his wife, Queen Camilla, in his recently published memoir. Spare.

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