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Prince Harry wishes a very happy birthday to Kate Middleton?


Some members of the royal family normally share greetings with each other and also exchange happy birthday messages in private, but Prince Harry’s shocking claims about the Prince and Princess of Wales suggest that will not continue.

However, King Charles and Camilla shared their best wishes with Kate Middleton as she celebrated her 41st birthday on January 9 (today) amid the Duke’s explosive series of interviews overnight.

In his memoir Spare, Harry has now laid bare the reality of his relationship with Kate and William, suggesting he has no good words for his brother and sister-in-law. And, the duke doesn’t seem to wish the mother-of-three on her candidacy day.

Kate Middleton started dating William in 2003, after meeting him at the University of St Andrews. Shortly after, she met Harry. The Duke has now revealed how much he fears Princess Kate will take his brother away from him.

The royal father-of-two tried to convey how he had ‘comforted’ with the thought of the fun they would all enjoy together in the future. However, he claims he was stunned when in November 2010 he learned his brother had proposed to Kate.

In the early years of his brother’s relationship with Kate, Harry makes reference to his fear that she would “take Willy away”.

Meanwhile, he claimed he was ‘never’ invited to dinner while living opposite them at Kensington Palace. He said he only learned of the engagement when it was announced to the public.

Harry also opened up about Princess Diana’s famous engagement ring, adding that he never gave William their mother’s precious piece of jewelry to give to Kate Middleton – and had been keeping it since her death.

After their engagement, he said he thought about his own celibacy and his desire to settle down only grew stronger. He confessed that he always thought he would be the first to get married.

Despite all this, some believe that Harry still feels about Kate and keeps a soft corner for him in her heart, while Kate still considers Harry her brother and wants him to reconcile with William to continue their brotherly relationship.

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