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Prince Harry will steal the show from King Charles at his coronation: Expert

Prince Harry will steal the show from King Charles at his coronation: Expert

Prince Harry’s demand for an apology from his father King Charles ahead of his coronation posed a “greater threat” to the ceremony than his wife Meghan Markle.

Talk to The ExpressRoyal expert Nigel Cawthorne said the Duke of Sussex’s presence at the upcoming historic event, or lack thereof, would steal the show at the coronation.

“Meghan has, thankfully, kept her mouth shut lately. It’s Harry who wants an apology that threatens the coronation more,” the Prince Andrew, Maxwell and the Palace author said.

“But Charles knows he can’t apologize to people – it’s ridiculous. It’s way below the king to do that,” he added.

He went on to say that the California-based royal couple could announce their decision regarding their visit to the UK on May 6.

“I’m not sure I’m being honest. Overall, the Sussexes tend to take the lead with these things. They’re the ones on the agenda,” he said.

The pundit was then asked what their agenda was, to which he replied, “It’s definitely self-aggrandizement. They’re amplifying it as much as they can.”

“With their set [Coronation] invitation and Netflix there in the United States, they just feed off their profile,” he said.

The expert continued: “Plus the ‘will they or won’t they’ [discussion continues] the more attention they receive. It goes hand in hand – the higher their profile, the more they can leverage in the United States.”

Cawthorne said that although Harry posed the biggest threat to the coronation, Charles would “under no circumstances” be able to do anything to control the situation.

“He just has to sit there with a nice hat on his head. He can’t have guards with spikes pointing at Harry and Meghan!” he said jokingly.

“Just by being there, Harry is going to distract Charles. And if he doesn’t come, he distracts Charles.

“Presumably there will be pictures of him cycling around LA looking nonchalant. It’s a losing streak for Charles.

“He seems upset that he is not allowed to wear his elegant Order of the Garter dress or his military uniform,” he added.

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