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Prince Harry will get ‘perfect backdrop’ for royal love with King Charles coronation


Prince Harry harbors feelings of abandonment from his family, expert says.

Relationship expert Valon Asani believes the monarch’s coronation would be a golden opportunity for the royal family and Prince Harry to reconcile.

Mr Asani said: “It has been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan were invited to the coronation of King Charles III in May, which is an olive branch of the family to the couple.

“The trauma that Prince Harry has recounted and shared with the world recently can manifest in many ways, and Prince Harry likely feels a sense of abandonment from his family and seeks some form of compassion and communication from them.”

The relationship expert said: “The coronation occasion is cause for celebration as we celebrate the start of the King’s reign, and such a meaningful and happy occasion can be the perfect backdrop for reconciliation.”

Neither the Palace nor the Sussexes have issued a statement on the alleged rumour.

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