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Prince Harry was Meghan Markle’s ‘dystopian date’ on Halloween in Canada


Prince Harry talks about his desire to become invisible after a night out with Meghan Markle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent their last private Halloween in Canada alongside friends in costume.

Each wearing an “apocalypse costume”, the duo decided to live the night to the fullest.

She had entered the party, Harry felt alive, noting that he had always wanted to remain incognito, away from the media.

He begins in his memoir “Spare”: “The party was loud, dark, drunk, the ideal. Several people did double takes as Meg walked through the rooms, but no one looked twice at her dystopian date.

He then wrote: “I wish I could wear this disguise every day. I wish I could reuse it the next day and visit him on the set of Suits.

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