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Prince Harry wants ‘nothing to do’ with Prince Andrew


Prince Harry and Prince Andrew would like “nothing to do with each other, at least optically”.

Royal expert and commentator Daniela Elser made the revelations.

She warns: ‘Something a little weird is going on right now in the weird, not-so-big world of royalty. No, I mean nothing about angry kings and their petulant sons and TV deals and a host of petty complaints about lip gloss and dog bowls and a chronic cuddle deficit. Oh no.”

According to New Zealand Herald, “The Spares want nothing to do with each other, at least optically.”

While Prince Harry hates the idea of ​​being ‘grouped’ with his uncle accused of engaging with a known paedophile, the same uncle unwilling to move into a smaller estate than he was used to.

“But like it or not, the two guys are now united by something else, which is some really bad news about wills,” Ms Elser also added before signing.

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