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Prince Harry wants an apology from his father who “gave him everything”


Prince Harry has just come under fire for demanding an apology from someone who gave him the honor of being a prince as well as a “privileged and golden life”.

English TV presenter, Carole Malone, brought this claim to light.

She made those confessions in a room to Express United Kingdom and started it all by bashing Prince Harry for his ruthless attacks on the Cabinet.

It read: ‘And why do the Royals have to apologize – for Harry’s privileged and gilded life? For the fact, he is a Prince. For the fact that his brother, the man born to be king, seemed to get more attention growing up than he did?

“Does the family imagine that if they apologize en masse, if they grovel to Harry, that he will accept it and that will shut him up. Because if they do, they live in La La country.

The writer also referenced Jeremy Clarkson’s own apology for a sordid article and pointed out how, “We’ve seen this week how he and Meghan treat apologies – with complete disdain. They seem to use them as weapons to say “Look, we were right”.

The writer also pointed out that, “Yes, what Clarkson wrote about Meghan was wrong, but he’s apologized – twice now. Does he really have to lose his journalism career because he wrote something? unpleasant thing?

“Because if the answer to that question is yes, then surely Harry should be canceled too because of all the cruel and malicious things he said about his family in a book that is selling the world over.”

“And now I think he’s actually trying to ’emotionally blackmail’ his family by claiming he still has 400 pages of material to publish – stuff he didn’t put in Spare because, like he told an interviewer: “I don’t think [Charles and William] would never forgive me.

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