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Prince Harry wanted to tell Elton John to ‘kiss’ Archie reminds him of mum Diana


Prince Harry admits Elton John fell in love with his son Archie.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Harry recalls his private trip to France with Meghan Markle, where they lived with the British singer.

He writes: “The best part of the visit was watching Elton and David and their two boys fall in love with Archie. Often I would catch Elton studying Archie’s face and I knew what he was thinking: mom. I knew it because it happened to me so often too.

He adds: “Time and time again I saw an expression cross Archie’s face and it made me short. I almost told Elton, how much I wished my mother could hold her grandson, how much sometimes it happened that, while hugging Archie, I felt it – or I wanted to, every hug tinged with nostalgia, every tuck-in touched with grief.

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