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Prince Harry uses ‘victimization’ to earn ‘pretty big salary’: ‘People deserve better’


Prince Harry is causing a stir with the concept of victimization, according to an expert.

The Duke of Sussex, who wrote down his grievances in his memoir ‘Spare’, has been accused of minting money following a tragedy.

American commentator CJ Pearson told Fox News: “This gets to the heart of the issue of what I’ve called the commercialization of victimization.

“This is when it became profitable to blame things like racism and oppression and earn a pretty big salary because of it. That’s exactly what we see from Prince Harry.

“This is an individual who was born into literal royalty, who has unimaginable wealth but still found a way to victimize himself.

“I think young people like me deserve better to look up to. Many of us should choose to be a winner and not another victim,” he concluded.

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