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Prince Harry ‘turns into nuclear toxicity levels’


Hollywood elites fear Prince Harry is a ‘walking public relations disaster and could ‘detonate a nuclear bomb’ wherever he is invited.

An inside source from the BAFTA office made the admission, according to The sun.

The insider in question reportedly admitted to the outlet: “Bafta decided this was a terrible idea. They thought it would be a public relations disaster.

“So for them to roll out the red carpet for Harry and his wife would be like setting off a nuclear bomb. It’s forbidden.”

Even , Washington-based commentator Nile Gardiner feels the same way and said, “Even Hollywood is sick of Harry and Meghan getting more and more toxic.”

Mr Gardiner also added: ‘There has been a lot of interest in the United States from what Harry has said, but not as much as perhaps was expected.’

“While the Queen’s passing dominated US news networks for around two weeks, Harry’s book and his relentless attacks on the Royal Family received limited coverage.”

“Harry is not a popular figure in America, nor is Meghan Markle. The Queen was extremely popular in the United States, so she is increasingly seen as a negative and whiny character in the United States.

“The American public is starting to turn against Harry and Meghan.”

“They are now considered Hollywood-style celebrities who whine incessantly. Most Americans see through them for what they are.

“Harry was once a hugely popular figure in America, but now has a small following among the liberal elites.”

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