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Prince Harry targets Queen Consort Camilla for press-palace relationship


Prince Harry has accused Queen Consort Camilla of sleeping with the devil to clean up his image.

And that decision, he argued, comes at the expense of others, like him and Meghan.

The Duke of Sussex also criticized the Royal Family’s silence on Jeremy Clarkson’s controversial column against his wife Meghan Markle.

“The silence is deafening, to say the least,” Harry said, after the royals failed to respond.

Jeremy Clarkson, known for his close relationship with Queen Consort Camilla, had suggested in his column that Meghan Markle should walk the streets of the UK naked.

Harry said he was glad his father was happy with her, although he asked them not to get married.

He said Camilla is one of the family members who are “complicit” in a corrosive relationship between the press and the palace.

In their Netflix documentary, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said Palace nurtured stories to protect other members.

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