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Prince Harry talks about the time Archie ‘broke’ Queen Gan-Gan’s Christmas ornament


Prince Harry admits he proudly followed the Windsor family tradition on his first Christmas in America.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals his wife Meghan Markle helped keep Queen Elizabeth II close with a Christmas decoration.

He writes: “It was Christmas Eve. We have FaceTimed with several friends, including a few in Britain. We watched Archie run around the tree. And we opened the presents. True to the Windsor family tradition. A present was a small Christmas ornament from… the Queen! I roared. What is- ? Meg had spotted it at a local store and thought I might like it. I held it up to the light. It was Grandma’s face in a T. I hung it on a branch at eye level. It made me happy to see her there.

Harry then adds: “But then Archie, playing around the tree, jostled the support, shook the tree, and Granny fell. I heard a crash and turned around. Pieces were lying all over the floor.

“Archie ran over and grabbed a spray bottle. For some reason he thought spraying water on the broken pieces would fix it. Meg said: No, Archie, no, don’t spray Gan-Gan! I grabbed a dustpan and swept up the pieces, thinking: this is weird,” Harry recalled thinking to himself.

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