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Prince Harry smoked ‘like a robot’ on ‘autopilot’ after trauma to Diana


Prince Harry explains the real reason he started smoking in the early years of his life.

The Duke of Sussex, in his memoir ‘Spare’, recounts how he ran away from school to sleep and light a cigarette with his pals.

It begins: “Sometimes my new friends and I would escape, we would head over to Windsor Bridge, which linked Eton to Windsor on the River Thames. Specifically, we would head under the bridge, where we could smoke tobacco while complete privacy.”

He added: “My mates seemed to enjoy being naughty, whereas I just did it because I was on autopilot. Of course I was craving a cigarette after a McDonald’s, which didn’t. But if we were going to sleep, I would much rather go to the golf course at Windsor Castle, hit a ball while drinking a small beer.”

“Yet, like a robot, I took every cigarette offered to me, and in the same automatic and thoughtless way quickly graduated to weed,” Harry noted.

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