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Prince Harry says William ‘ordered’ him to shave his beard at wedding: ‘Talked to grandma’


Prince Harry admits Prince William didn’t want him with a beard when he married Meghan Markle.

Speaking to Tom Bradby for ITV, the Duke of Sussex revealed how William ordered him to shave his beard ahead of the big day.

He said: “There’s a level of competition there, and I remember William had a beard himself and Granny and the others telling him he had to shave it off.

“The difference for me, as I explained to my grandmother, was that this beard felt like the new Harry at the time, like almost a shield against my anxiety.”

Later in the conversation, Harry added how Meghan Markle was stereotyped in the royal family due to her status as an American actress.

“I felt like that stereotype was holding them back from really welcoming it.

“American actress, divorced, biracial, there’s all sorts of things in there and what it might mean but if you read the press (like a lot of my family), the British tabloids at the same time as living life , then there is a trend that you might end up experiencing in the tabloid bubble rather than the real thing,” he noted.

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