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Prince Harry says ‘therapy’ made him ‘unrelated’ to Prince William


Prince Harry admits he has kept texts from Prince William from when he was still living in Britain.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Harry admits he had a heated argument with his brother when William suggested his therapist was ‘brainwashing’ him.

Explaining the 2019 exchange of the day, Harry writes: “I worked hard to keep my texts civil to him. Nevertheless, the exchange turned into an argument, which lasted more than seventy-two hours. We went back and forth, all day, late into the night – we had never had an argument like this over a text before. Angry, but also miles apart, like we were speaking different languages. From time to time, I realized that my worst fear was coming true: after months of therapy, after working hard to become more aware, more independent, I was a stranger to my older brother.

Harry adds: “He couldn’t identify with me anymore, tolerate me. Or maybe it was just the stress of the last few years, the last decades, that finally poured out. I saved the texts. I still have them. I read them sometimes, with sadness, with confusion, thinking: How did we get here?

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