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Prince Harry says royals are ‘not racist’ in change of statements: Read


Prince Harry says calling out the Royal Family over racist comments doesn’t mean he believes they are “racist”.

Speaking to Tom Brady for ITV, the Duke of Sussex explains how he thinks the Royal Family across the pond have an ‘unconscious bias’ towards dark-skinned people.

When Bradby asked if he would describe the family as racist, Harry replied, “I wouldn’t, having not lived with that family.”

In 2021, Harry admitted that a certain member of his clan had talked about Archie’s skin color before he was born. Recalling his statement, Harry said: “But you talk to any other couple, mixed-race couple around the world, and you’ll probably find that the white side of the family has either openly discussed it or secretly discussed it, you know, ‘What are the kids gonna be like? And that’s part of a, you know, bigger conversation that needs to take place.’

“But, to say that it doesn’t happen in the rest of the world, but it happened there, that’s – that’s not true, but again for me the difference is a prejudice subconscious and racism, but if that – if you get called out for unconscious bias, you have to correct that,” he added.

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