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Prince Harry says ‘megologist’ media knew ‘more’ about Meghan Markle


Prince Harry admits that the British media did their research on Meghan Markle from scratch.

After news of the two dates broke, the press stalked the Duchess of Sussex about all facets of her life.

In his memoir Spare, Harry calls newspapers “megologists” saying, “They were megologists; they knew more about Meg than anyone else in the world but Meg, and so they knew every word they wrote about her and the hockey player was crap. But they continued to respond to the Palace lawyer’s repeated warnings with the same non-answers, which amounted to a mocking taunt: We. Don’t. Care.”

Harry continues: “I huddled with the lawyer, trying to figure out how to protect Meg from this attack and all the others. I spent most of every day, from the moment I opened my eyes to ‘past midnight, trying to make it stop.

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