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Prince Harry Says Dodi Al-Fayed’s Eyes ‘Drowned in Hearts’ After Watching Diana


Prince Harry recalled his first meeting with Princess Diana’s boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed.

The Duke of Sussex, in his book ‘Spare’, reveals how he and his brother were greeted by the very charming Dodi as he floored their mother.

“Wherever mom was, I understood she was with her new friend. That was the word everyone used. Not boyfriend, not lover. Friend. Pretty nice, I thought. Willy and I had just meet him,” he began as he walked. down from the land of memory.

Speaking of his interaction with his mother’s boyfriend, Harry recalled: “Hello, you must be Harry. Raven hair, tough tan, white smile. How are you today? My name is blah blah. talked, chatted with mum, specifically mum, ostensibly mum, her eyes turning into red hearts.

“He was cheeky, no doubt. But, again, kind enough. He gave mum a present. A diamond bracelet. She seemed to like it. She wore it a lot. Then it disappeared from my consciousness.

Harry adds: “As long as mum is happy, I told Willy, who said he felt the same way.”

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