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Prince Harry said to ‘go on with life with no regrets’


A royal expert has just written an article aimed at reaching out to Prince Harry, following his candid confession of ‘feelings of hurt’.

Writer Saira Khan made this claim in her brand new piece for The mirror.

She began by saying: ‘I see the relatively young Prince Harry shooting from the hip – in his book, on TV, to anyone who will listen – and I want to reach out and tell him now what he will come to see in 20 years .”

“That if you want the people you attack to show empathy, it will only happen when you stop expecting it from them.”

“I understand Harry, in that I have strayed from cultural expectations and experienced similar banishment.”

“You see, Harry, I understand your feelings of pain. But once you share it, you will feel alone again.

“Your family will continue as before. So my advice is: say what you think, then go on with your life with no regrets. It is the passage of time that heals the faults.

“Live true to yourself, without anger or resentment, and in time you will exploit the respect of the very people you are disrespecting right now.”

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