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Prince Harry reveals his plan for his return to the royal family


Prince Harry, in a new interview ahead of the release of his bombshell memoir ‘Spare’, revealed his plans for the royal future.

The Duke of Sussex, who sat down for two conversations, one to air in the UK and the other to air in the US, gave a candid response about his return to the Royal Family .

The latest clip from USA – where the Duke sat down with Anderson Cooper for a special episode of CBS 60 Minutes – features Meghan’s husband explaining whether or not he plans to return to the royal fold.

In the teaser, the interviewer is seen asking, “Can you see a day when you’ll return as a full-time member of the royal family?” To which Harry replies simply and bluntly: “No”.

In an earlier trailer for the interview, Harry claimed the cabinet would issue statements to protect some senior royals but not others, saying “there comes a time when silence is betrayal”.

In a series of clips teasing the upcoming show, Harry says ‘It never needed to be like this’ and references ‘running and planting’ before adding ‘I want a family, not an institution”.

He also says “they feel like it’s better to keep us somehow like the bad guys” and that “they haven’t shown any will to reconcile”, although the we do not know to whom he refers.

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