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Prince Harry ‘reprimanded’ himself for being ‘shocked’ by media conduct with Meghan


Prince Harry admits he was unprepared for the media reaction to his relationship with Meghan Markle.

As well as monopolizing the Duchess of Sussex with cameras, the British press has paid close attention to her ethnicity.

He wrote in his memoir “Spare”: “I was shocked and berated myself for being shocked. And for not being prepared. I had been prepared for the usual madness, the usual slander, but I hadn’t anticipated this level of rampant lying. Above all, I was not ready for racism. Both dog whistle racism and blatant, vulgar and direct racism. »

Harry then talks about some of the titles that have stuck with him over the years.

“The Daily Mail has taken the lead. Her title: Harry’s girlfriend comes (almost) straight from Compton. Subtitle: His gang-scarred mother’s house has been revealed, so will he come for tea? Another tabloid jumped into the fray with this dropper: Will Harry marry gangster royalty? My face froze. My blood stopped. I was angry, but more: I was ashamed. My motherland? In doing so? To her? Ours? Really?” confesses the duke.

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