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Prince Harry reflects ‘vulnerability’ and ‘maximum confidence’ in ’60 Minutes’ interview


Prince Harry’s body language during his recent ’60 Minutes’ interview was analyzed by an expert who spotted signs of ‘vulnerability’.

Body language told Judi James To express that the Duke of Sussex appeared to be in ‘bean spill mode’ as he spoke to Anderson Cooper.

The expert said: “A promo clip’s job is to sell the program and, like Netflix’s trailers, this one seems to ramp up the drama by implication.”

“Harry looks like he’s in bean-spilling mode again and all the teasing is coming from his body language,” she added.

James continued: “First there is Harry the Prince, in full royal mode using gestures to suggest leadership and command. Walking with his host, he has one hand in his pocket but the right hand gesticulates as he speaks.

“This trait is one politicians and world leaders use to look more powerful and in control than the person they’re with,” the expert added.

“If one leader walks with the other, the gesticulating one looks like the more dominant leader while the other is forced to listen,” she continued. “Harry is square-shouldered here and seems to be at the height of his confidence.”

“It suggests a desire to explain who is slightly superior, like a guru or a coach. It’s an attempt to make every word or reference important and memorable. It would be the equivalent of writing using lots of capitals or highlight,” he added.

“The end state here is one that suggests more vulnerability. It sounds like victim Harry, making himself more submissive to his host, speaking with his left palm up then right to suggest balance but with an air of dread. disbelief and persuasion.

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