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Prince Harry receives an ultimatum as he hands an olive branch to King Charles, William

Prince Harry has been told to decide what he wants amid new claims he wants his dad and brother back

Prince Harry has been told to decide what he wants amid his new claims of wanting to reconcile with his father and brother, King Charles and Prince William, in a new trailer for an explosive upcoming interview.

The ultimatum for the Duke of Sussex came from royal expert Jennie Bond after reports suggested his forthcoming book Spare would further drive a wedge between him and Prince William.

speaking on UK News on Prince Harry’s book Spare, Bond said, “I think even that title is very telling. But I want to know, what does Harry want?

“The quarrels between brothers, between brothers and sisters, go back to Cain and Abel if you will. There is nothing new in this. So what did Harry want? Did he want the fate William was born into? Does he want to be king? I don’t think so,” Bond continued.

She then added: “I think Harry doesn’t like the way the institution of our monarchy works. I don’t think he would like the fact that his wings were clipped even more like his father’s now that “He’s a monarch. I don’t think he would like anything about it.

Bond then urged Prince Harry to “look back if you will George the Sixth and his brother Edward the Eighth, who abdicated and handed this chalice to his brother Bertie. His wife, the queen mother, wept when they found out it would be their fate. She didn’t want him to be king. So what does Harry want?

The comments came just before Prince Harry, in an excerpt from his upcoming interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby, said he “would like his dad and brother back”.

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