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Prince Harry Recalls His First Official Meeting With Camilla ‘Other Woman’


Prince Harry walks down memory lane as he recalls his introduction to Camilla.

After Princess Diana’s death, the Duke of Sussex recalls that his father was keen on marrying his beloved Camilla.

In his memoir “Spare”, Harry notes how their father arranged one-on-one meetings between him and William with their future mother-in-law.

The Duke writes that after William, “my turn came next”.

“I said to myself: it does not matter. Just like getting an injection. Close your eyes, before you realize it. I have a vague memory that Camilla was as calm (or bored) as me. Neither of us cared much about the other’s opinion. She wasn’t my mother, and I wasn’t her biggest obstacle. In other words, I was not the Heir. This bit with me was just a formality,” Harry writes in his book.

“I wonder what we found to talk about. Horses, probably. Camilla liked them and I knew how to ride. Difficult to think of another subject that we could have picked up. I remember wondering, just before tea, if she would be mean to me. If she was like all the wicked mothers-in-law in the storybooks. But she wasn’t. Like Willy, I felt real gratitude for that,” he adds.

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