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Prince Harry protests against the press who called Archie a “chimpanzee”


Prince Harry admits the media treated him and Meghan Markle rudely when they announced the name of their son, Archie.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals a prominent media outlet portrayed their son as a chimpanzee on the radio.

Harry writes: “A few days later we announced the name to the world. Arch. The newspapers were furious. They said they got a quick shot. Indeed, we had. They felt that by doing this, we had been… bad partners? Amazing. Did they still see us as partners? “

He adds: “And then they showed the world what kind of ‘partners’ they really were. A BBC radio presenter posted a photo on his social media: a man and a woman holding hands with a chimpanzee. The caption read: Royal baby leaves hospital.

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