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Prince Harry ‘pinched pennies’ after ‘shopping sprees and glamorous vacations’


Sources have just weighed in on the “brutal” changes Prince Harry had to undergo once his financial support was withdrawn from King Charles.

An inner source close to Star magazine revealed these revelations.

The insider started the conversation by explaining the potential “stress” of having to pay bills, for the very first time.

“There are personnel and security bills. When Harry was a member of the royal family, he went on huge shopping sprees and glamorous holidays, and bought everyone drinks and dinner at expensive restaurants in London.

“Charles funded everything, so Harry didn’t have to think about the money.”

But “they never imagined that they would be completely cut off”.

The same source also pointed out how at one point the couple were forced to “resort” to IKEA furniture because it was all they could afford.

Even Meghan Markle was reportedly shocked by King Charles’ lack of personal funds and was keen to voice her concerns about his “dwindling funds” before King Charles started supporting them.

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