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Prince Harry Opens Up About Meghan Markle’s Miscarriage: ‘Select Burial Site’


Prince Harry has just shed light on the miscarriage suffered by Meghan Markle before the birth of Lilibet.

He made this confession in the Spare memoir, and according to excerpts, he begins by detailing the overall situation and recounts while saying: “The doctor came into the room, I did not hear a word that she said, I just looked at his face. , his body language. I already knew. We both did.

He also pointed to the “pure helplessness” and the tears they both shed over their unborn child before burying them.

Prince Harry also detailed the whole experience in his memoir and added that the baby fit in a “little package”.

He also revealed, “We went to a place, a secret place that only we knew. Under a spreading banyan tree, while Meg was crying, I dug a hole with my hands and gently put the small bundle in the ground.

Meghan Markle was the first to cover it all in her article for the New York Times.

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