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Prince Harry opens up about Archie’s ‘fight for freedom’ as Meghan Markle gives birth


Prince Harry talks about when Meghan Markle gave birth in 2019.

Recalling in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex admits his wife had to undergo many initiations before Archie was born.

He writes: “His doctor came back two hours later, slipped both hands into a pair of rubber gloves. That’s it, everyone. I stationed myself at the head of the bed, holding Meg’s hand, encouraging her. Push, my love. Breathe. The doctor gave Meg a small hand mirror. I tried not to look, but I had to. I peeked out, saw a reflection of the baby’s head emerging. Blocked. Tangled.

Harry adds, “Oh no, please no. The doctor looked up, his mouth tense in a peculiar way. Things were getting serious. I said to Meg: My love, I need you to push. I didn’t tell him why. I didn’t tell him about the cord, I didn’t tell him about the likelihood of an emergency cesarean. I just said: Give me everything you got. And she did. I saw the little face, the little neck, the chest and the arms, twisting, twisting. Life, life—amazing! I thought, Wow, it all really starts with a fight for freedom.

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