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Prince Harry ‘only contradicts himself’ at ‘every turn’


Prince Harry’s memoir Spare has been analyzed by a senior editor who thinks it all ‘contradicts’ itself.

This accusation was made by former Sunday Mail editor Martin Clarke.

He started by saying, “There’s a wonderful passage in the book where, coming up to the famous dog bowl fight with William, where he accuses William – when William accuses Meghan of bullying, troublemaking and to bother everyone – and say ‘you’re just repeating what you read in the press’.

According to a report by Express United KingdomMr Clarke also added: ‘It’s so retrograde it’s beyond the mind because obviously William was there.’

“William presumably saw it first hand or heard first hand testimony from those involved and yet Harry blames the press and that’s the real contradiction at the center of the book because on the one hand Harry hates the hurry.”

“We’re the big boogie man of his whole life existence, but he’s attacking both William and Camilla at the same time for leaking stories about him that he doesn’t deny.”

“He does not deny that these stories are true. So he can’t have it both ways.

“The press cannot be on the one hand people who invent things and at the same time print things that his own family, he claims, divulges about him.”

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