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Prince Harry ‘no longer religious’ after school beatings: ‘Not at all’


Prince Harry wears his heart on his sleeve and addresses his personal struggles with religion.

A writer for The Telegraph brought those revelations to light in a new piece.

According to the piece, Prince Harry’s confession was made in the Spare memoir.

It reads: “I was not religious, but this ‘facial’ was, for me, baptismal.”

The “sanglage”, for the uninitiated, is a ritual intended to initiate newcomers into the ranks of the hunt and is a mark of respect for the animal which has just been killed.

However, King Charles, on the other hand, is “deeply religious” and “he used to pray every night, but now, in this moment, I too felt close to God.”

Prince Harry also weighed in on another reason for his dislike and says it was the spankings he suffered via Bibles at school.

“There was one teacher in particular who, every time he grabbed me, gave me a huge weight, always with a copy of the new English Bible. The hardcover version,” Prince Harry explained.

“It is indeed, I always thought, a very hard back. Being hit with it made me feel bad about myself, bad about the teacher, and bad about the Bible.

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