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Prince Harry ‘must stop’ Meghan Markle from taking over


Meghan Markle has just been ridiculed for wanting to “take over” from Prince Harry and is said to have “main character syndrome”.

These allegations were made by Narinder Kaur and came in response to comments from Jeremy Clarkson.

She believes, “The man is a misogynistic legitimized tyrant. They didn’t have to accept the apology. Because “his apology was a weak attempt to save his own career. This is not an attack on Meghan Markle but on all women.”

According to a report by Express United Kingdom“This man should never have been given a platform. This man should never have been given a job. This is not a cancellation. We should get rid of him because he is dangerous. He is vile.

She also slammed Meghan Markle and added: “We’re talking about Meghan Markle. She has main character syndrome.

“She’s an American coming to Britain and wanting to take over. Harry needs to cultivate a pair. He needs to stop.”

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