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Prince Harry may struggle with ‘consequences’ of ‘cathartic’ speech

Prince Harry may struggle with ‘consequences’ of ‘cathartic’ speech

Prince Harry has opened up about his struggles in recent interviews and in his book Spare.

Speaking to People, mental health first aid trainer and therapist Marilyn Devonish said it was important to speak up for those “who have experienced trauma”.

She added: “Expressing how you feel can be cathartic. Where it becomes healing is when it’s done in a safe environment with the support of people or a therapist who can deal with the aftermath of that. that is happening.

“I fear this is where Prince Harry may struggle, but I am also confident that Harry and Meghan both asked for the help that Meghan said she asked for when she was still an active royal.

“Unresolved trauma can affect our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, state of mind and physical health,” she added.

Recalling the death of Princess Diana, the expert wondered: “Is it surprising that such events can leave their scars and their emotional marks? Is it strange that someone who’s been through it sees the same patterns and doesn’t want them to repeat themselves again?

She analyzed the use of certain terms by Prince Harry. “Just think of the expression, ‘It runs in the family.’ “We’re all kinda hot.” “I take after my grandma.” “You’re like your dad.” If those traits are great, wonderful, fantastic, if they’re not, we can lock ourselves in generational cycles of behavior that are often never questioned.

“What Harry is doing with both the book and the interviews challenges some of that,” she added.

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