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Prince Harry ‘loses plot’ in jaw-dropping moments from recent interviews

Prince Harry ‘loses plot’ in jaw-dropping moments from recent interviews

Prince Harry has apparently “lost the plot” in his recent interviews, as noted by a royal commentator who compared the Duke’s conversation on ITV and 60 Minutes.

In his room for news.com.auDaniela Elser said interviews with Prince Harry were like “watching a goat trying to play the flute”.

“The more you watch, the more you can’t stop thinking, ‘why?'” she wrote. “By far the strangest line is the point Harry made to Cooper and Bradby – that he is bewildered as to why his family might be a little irritated with him.

“Half the time Harry’s lines didn’t even begin to add up or suggest much rationality,” she added.

The royal expert further pointed to a bizarre moment in which Harry seemed to “lack self-awareness”.

During his interview with TVIPrince Harry said he ‘got it wrong’ but ‘has continued over the past three, four years asking to tell me what we did wrong, so we can fix it and apologize for these things.”

On the other hand, Harry said during 60 minutes“Meghan and I kept saying we’ll openly apologize for anything we’ve done wrong, but every time we ask that question, no one tells us the details or anything.”

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